Sage Medicine

The name “Sage Medicine” came to me while walking through the vast high-desert terrain, by my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I would often walk for hours under the cloudless sky, inside 360 degrees of horizon and snow-covered mountains, surrounded by choya cactus, chamisa, dessert yarrow, juniper, pinon and sage. Inspired by the beauty of the plants and the power of their medicine, I wanted the name of my practice to pay tribute, as herbal medicine is such a vital part of my practice.

Naming my practice “Sage Medicine” is also a way of honoring our ancestors. The healing modalities that I practice have been passed down from generation to generation, for thousands of years. Shamans, herbalists, acupuncturists, energy healers, body-workers, spiritual teachers and sages have generously shared their experience and wisdom through written and oral tradition. I realize how deeply privileged I am to be the recipient of a small fraction of this wisdom and to be a part of this profound lineage of sage medicine. I am truly humbled and sincerely grateful.


"The sages follow the laws of Nature and therefore their bodies are free from strange diseases. They do not lose any of their natural functions and their spirit of life is never exhausted."

~ The Yellow Emperor's      Inner Classic

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