Zen Shiatsu

​Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese form of acupressure that works to balance the meridians and organ systems used in acupuncture.

As opposed to influencing the points and meridians with needles, the practitioner uses hand and finger pressure. ​Forearms, elbows, knees and feet are also used. Joint mobilizations and stretches are performed for the patient as a way of opening the meridians. Treating the “Hara,” or abdomen, is an essential method used in Shiatsu for creating harmony and balance in the organs. Zen Shiatsu is traditionally practiced on a mat on the floor, though the techniques can be done on a table as well.

Erin and David are both trained in Zen Shiatsu from the Shizuto Masunaga tradition. One of the defining features of Zen Shiatsu, when compared with other forms of acupressure, is the quality of “Zen mind,” or mindfulness, expected from the practitioner. The practitioner’s attention to breath, body sensations, and subtle energetic qualities within the meridian system offers patients a deeply healing experience.

Zen Shiatsu is available in combination with Acupuncture or as a stand-alone treatment.